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Water Transfer Printing



Camo Dipping



Cube Printing

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What Is Hydro-Dipping

The Process of Water Transfer Printing Water transfer printing is also known under various names. It can be referred to as hydro-dipping, hydro-graphics, camo dipping, hydro-printing, cube printing, or 3D-printing. This new printing technology process involves using special films printed with a graphic design.  This new printing technology is based on a water-soluble film, upon which printed graphics of ink are applied. This film base dissolves in the water, leaving behind the ink. This ink/design would transfer to the submerged object using the water displacement technology.

What can you decorate?

This new technology creates custom decorations on almost any hard-surface materials. Common items that utilize this technology would be sporting equipment, automotive trims, or electronic products (i.e. laptops, cell phone cases, etc.) Other areas of focus may include marine, aviation, general industrial, medical, home décor and architectural markets. Items made of plastic, metal, glass and many other materials and shapes can be successfully dipped utilizing this­­ method.

Is Water Transfer Printing Durable?

We like to let our product speak for itself. Some clientele consist of automobile and boat manufacturers who demand highest standards of quality and durability. Many parts we manufacture spend the majority of their lives in direct exposure, such as Motorcycle Fairing's. The paint and clear coat we use is automotive grade, designed to withstand nature and time. It is the same paint that would be used on automobile exteriors. Use of a high quality clear coat for the final finish is durable enough to protect the paint, whether it is flat, matte, semi-gloss, or gloss. Some of the major brands of paint we use are: House of Kolors, Alsa, Dupont, PPG and SEM.

These are the Steps that we do to each and every single piece, whether its new or old, they all go through the same process.

Primer / Sealer
Candy (optional)
Clear coat